Dear Members,


As I write, there is every possibility of a General Election on the horizon. Until we know, it is important that we keep our focus and are not deflected from longer-term planning. For this reason I am writing regarding elections for County Council in 2021.

I stated at the last Executive meeting my intention to write to the full membership to invite applications from those wishing to stand specifically for County Council 2021 but I would also welcome applications for future District/Borough and Town/Parish elections or by-elections. I would be grateful for your help in finding suitable candidates and am asking all members to find interested parties and encourage them to apply - maybe yourselves, maybe someone you know - so we can assemble a permanent Approvals list to cover all options.

Having written to sitting County Councillors to establish their intentions, I am now inviting applications from all other interested parties. Applicants must either be Conservative Party members or be prepared to join the Party before interview. Anyone who thinks they have the necessary qualities to fulfil this role is invited to apply, as are others interested in different elections. All applicants, along with sitting councillors, are required to go before an Approvals Panel. Successful applicants will then be placed on an Approvals list to be passed by Executive.

When fully approved, applicants are entitled to apply for seats when they are advertised by the Association, regardless of whether or not there is a sitting Councillor. This should be in consultation with the Association Management team via myself. At County level, there is no limit on the distance between home and the seat for which you apply. District/Borough and Town/Parish do have limits. The process of application is set down in the Constitution. We will broadly follow this but are required to implement subsequent updates from 2017- 18 - 19, as approved by the National Convention.

Finally, depending on the National situation, we would like to run at least one approval panel in the near future. If you want to know more about council work, please ask the office to send you the CCA guide on being a Conservative Councillor. Otherwise, if you wish to register your interest, please fill in the attached form and return it to the Association office by Friday 8th November either by post or email.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Gabrielle Cleasby
Deputy Chairman - Political


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