Roger Blaney

As your local Conservative councillor for Trent Ward since 1989, I am very aware of the issues that affect our individual villages. This has enabled me to represent you when and where it matters most. I have resisted inappropriate development, secured an improved 7-day rail service at our village stations, ensured speedy action to remove illegal fly-tipping and worked with others to deliver improved broadband throughout the Ward.

In May 2018, I stood down after 15 years as Deputy Leader and subsequently as Leader of the District Council and this has allowed me to commit even more time to focus on the needs of our villages. With your support on 2nd May, I will continue to do so and to represent you and all the residents of Trent Ward for the next 4 years.

Please remember: this election is to the District Council. It is not to the County Council or to Parliament. I live in Trent ward, I care for Trent Ward, I have represented Trent Ward. I ask for your vote on Thursday 2nd May. Thank you.


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