Lydia Hurst

District Councillor - Balderton South
Parish Councillor - Balderton North

As Chairman of the Balderton Parish Council Lydia has been Instrumental along with others in building a Community Café on Coronation Street Playing Field

Fully agrees with D.A.R.E. {Drug Abuse Resistance Aware} programme for schools.

 Stopping Anti-Social Behaviour and drugs in the village.

 Planning issues: strongly objected to the Highfields Development.

Likes giving time to help the Senior Citizens of our village

As District Councillor it has been a privilege being part of projects like Gladstone House for the Elderly, the Leisure Centre and YMCA Sports Projects which all can enjoy.


Lydia is also Chairman of the Balderton Bowls Club and is a member of the British Legion, and like to fundraise for Beaumond House, the Legion and Macmillan

See Also

Keith Girling

District Councillor - N&SDC

I live in Newark with my Partner Susie and her twin 15 year old boys Josh and Sam along with Eric and Lucy our boarder collies.

Rita Crowe

District Councillor - N&SDC
Town Councillor - Newark

Rita lives locally and is married with two daughters and a grand-daughter.

Following a career as a Bank Manager, Rita currently serves as a Town and District Councillor for Beacon Ward.

David Lloyd

District Councillor - N&SDC
Town Councillor - Newark

David has lived in the Beacon Ward for 13 years having previously worked in Parliament and local government. He set up a company here and became your Town Councillor 11 years ago at a by-election and then 8 years ago for the District.

Mathew Skinner

District Councillor - N&SDC
Town Councillor - Newark

During his time as a member of Newark Town Council, Mathew has offered a strong and effective voice for his ward, whether that be in regards to planning matters, the services they deliver or issues raised by residents.  He has played an active role in budgets and helped ensure that the wide range

Bob Crowe

District Councillor - N&SDC
Town Councillor - Newark

Born and bred in the Devon Ward, I am married with two grown up children, and one grandchild.

I have been a Councillor on Newark Town Council for the last eleven years, and I believe I have served the Town well over that period.

Max Cope

District Councillor - N&SDC
Town Councillor - Newark

Max has lived in Newark all his life and within Devon Ward for over 40 years.

Penny Rainbow

District Councillor - N&SDC
Town Councillor - Southwell

Penny has lived in the area for all but two years of her life, attending school in Kirklington.  She is married with three grown up children, all of who attended the exceptional schools in Southwell.  Penny has enjoyed the privilege of representing residents for Southwell Town Council and as a Di