Betty Brooks

District and Parish Councillor for Balderton South.  Betty has been the ward's District and Parish Councillor for a number of years now and is re-standing as District Councillor for Balderton South. 

Betty has lived in Balderton for over 50 years. She was married to the late Gordon Brooks and has two children and, proudly, four grandchildren.

Betty has long been active in local groups and causes. She is an avid supporter of the local Scouts, a member of St. Giles Church and Trustee to the Balderton Parochial Charity which helps provide much needed equipment for those that have fallen on hard times.

Betty has most recently been involved in the build project for the new community café at Coronation Gardens. Always active on local causes, she wants to campaign for even more improvements to the local drainage issues and to tackle nuisance parking outside our schools. Betty was involved in getting the ‘Report It’ campaign going and is determined to keep reducing anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and nuisance dog waste.



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